The Sun



The Sun, properly understood is not merely an outer but an inner energy source, reflecting the supreme light of Yoga both in our own hearts and in the world of nature around us.

The Sun is the most powerful influence in nature, responsible for the light through which all life on earth functions, and sustaining the force of gravity through which the earth revolves. The Sun is the ruler of our solar system and all that occurs within it. Yet though we all may welcome the sunlight every day, we seldom consider the spiritual reality of the Sun or honor the sacred presence and higher spirit behind it. We take the sunlight for granted or value it for providing us better health or an alternative energy source!

However, if we look at traditional cultures from throughout world, we discover a strong awareness of the Sun as a spiritual force, and a secret doorway to a higher reality. We note extensive religious, yogic, astrological, and shamanic traditions that revere the Sun in various ways and seek to understand the wisdom and grace behind its outer form, intuiting through the Sun the supreme force behind all existence. The Vedic Yoga is a “Yoga of light,” which is also a “Solar Yoga” or “Yoga of the Sun.” Vedic Dharma is probably our most well-preserved ancient system of the original religion of light and the Sun.