About Sree


Born and brought up in Bangalore and Mysore in India, Sree has been spending his time between Australia, Singapore and India since 2014. His industry and academic research experience spans over 12 years in the field of Engineering. His field of expertise is in Data Analysis and Modeling. When Sree is not busy with his computational modeling and simulations, he likes going on a hike, listen to/sing Indian classical music, learning more about Yoga, and spend time with family.

About Shruthi

Shruthi was born and brought up in South India, and is a Telecom engineer by training. She has transitioned into a Placement co-ordinator in the Tech space and is keen to promote eco-friendly products and services. In her spare time, Shruthi likes to try out innovative Vegan/Vegetarian dishes and paint.


Yoga4ClimateChange (Y4CC) is proud to be a volunteer-driven initiative!

Y4CC is seeking interested members from the yoga and the climate science community to join in the efforts and make this a vibrant fraternity that cares for the well-being of everyone around us and the planet!


Active Volunteers

Coming soon.