Reuse Recycle Reduce

At Y4CC, we strongly believe in the principle of “3R”s – Reuse, Recycle and Reduce! If you are looking for an avenue to promote this within your community, please use this page to do so.


Have something lying around that you’re not using anymore?? Would you rather prefer giving it to someone who has a need for it? Then, go ahead and list it here.


Search products available in your region:

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Please Contact Us and supply more information so that we can update your listings on this page.

Q: How does listing on Y4CC website work?

A: We will adopt the following steps:

  1. You (the Provider) send us the details about the product you would like to give on our platform. This will include a brief description about the product, category of the product, and whether it needs to be picked up from you/you’ll be able to deliver it to a loving new owner.
  2. We will put up a listing on Y4CC accordingly.
  3. Everyone of the platform can search for products on the page using the Search bar.
  4. When the product finds a suitable home, further logistics arrangements can be made.
  5. As usual, there will be no listing charges. If the person picking up the item wishes to make a donation towards the service provided, they are welcome to do so here.


Let us start reusing and recycling aggressively to reduce our consumption and keep our surroundings and our planet healthy!