Mission and Vision

It is easy to pass the buck and put the blame for all things going wrong with the planet on the politician,the society, the neighboring country or someone else. However, it is important to realize that we, as individuals, have a significant role to play in this game of survival. Small things, for example:

  • Avoiding eating meat, for all the obvious reasons that a Yogi should know!
  • Saying NO to plastic drink bottles, juice cans etc. NO to any plastic, for that matter!
  • Walking/Cycling to the nearby supermarket than taking our cars, and so on..

can bring about a significant positive shift in how we deal with the planet’s changing climate patterns.

The Mission of Yoga 4 Climate Change is to raise the levels of awareness of individual about how our small, positive actions have a huge impact not only on our surroundings but, in fact, on the entire planet!


The Vision of Yoga 4 Climate Change is to promote a holistic lifestyle for a healthier and happier planet through the practice of Yoga and yogic principles.