List Your Climate Action

Your actions could be as small as:

  • Filling the kettle with just enough water for your coffee.
  • Having a shorter shower. Getting clean doesn’t need to cost the earth. A five-minute shower, instead of an eight-minute one not only reduces greenhouse gas emissions, it can also save the average family over USD 500 a year.
  • Asking yourself if you need to wash your hair two days in a row, or if dry shampoo will keep it looking healthy without wasting water.
  • Using products that have been manufactured in an eco-friendly way.
  • Washing laundry at room temperature – put a whole load on and leave it to dry while you’re at work instead of using the tumble dryer.

Or, as big as:

  • Going vegetarian/vegan for the sake of the climate!
  • Taking a walk/bi-cycling to work instead of driving in.
  • Other actions that impact our planer lesser than otherwise..


List your actions by filling out the form below and inspire others to follow by sharing with your friends!