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Q: How does listing on Y4CC website work?

A: We will adopt the following steps:

  1. You (the seller) send us the details about the product you would like to sell on our platform. This will include a brief description about the product, cost, category of the product, and your Paypal account details (email address).
  2. We will put up a listing on Y4CC accordingly.
  3. Buyers can search for products on the page using the Search bar.
  4. When a buyer places an order, the details will be sent to you (the seller) so that you can organize to ship the product to the buyer directly.
  5. There will be no listing charges. If the seller/buyer wishes to make a donation towards the service provided, they are welcome to do so here.

You can find a sample (dummy) listing below:

Terracotta Earrings

Terracotta Earrings: USD 20

Product Details: Blue and Gold earrings, suitable for wearing on special occasions. ……

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