Really? Yoga 4 Climate Change?

This is the first question that comes to anyone’s mind! Does Yoga really help us in the current scenario, when the whole globe is experiencing extreme weather patterns due to man’s attitude’s towards nature?



Most of us “Yogis” know that Yoga (in its traditional Ashtanga sense) has a higher purpose than just our individual physical, mental and spiritual well-being, right? What is that higher purpose? Seers say that the higher purpose is about working together towards Societal Wellbeing and Building Communal Harmony in the spirit of Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam (in Sanskrit, meaning, All World Is A Family).


Most of us Climate Science enthusiasts/activists/scientists know that despite all the efforts of our politicians (both for and against!!) and climate scientists, it is the contributions of conscious individuals like you and me that is going to WIN this humongous battle against adverse climate change for all of us!

More about it here.


However, unfortunately, not many platforms exist where the Conscious Yogis get to interact and sincerely work together with the Climate Warriors. Well, that is where Yoga4ClimateChange comes in!


Y4CC works at the cusp of these two huge communities and towards blurring the boundaries between them. Y4CC provides a common platform for these two communities to engage with each other proactively and to promote:

  • cross-pollination of ideas and thoughts between the two communities
  • lateral thinking, to come up with innovative solutions to complex, multi-dimensional problems
  • build a sense of community of sharing and caring for each other and for the planet
  • an open discussion about how we can each contribute towards achieving the common goal of “Holistic Living for a Healthier, Happier Planet“.


Provide your whole-hearted support to this initiative by Joining us, sharing your Climate Action, Shopping, Listing your Jobs and more!


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